Aug 29, 2006

I'm still in shock.

As you are probably aware Israel has pulled it's settlements from the Gaza strip last year leaving it to be policed mainly by the Palestinian authorities. The world community applauded the surprising move made by Sharon; however things have not gone well in the region.

Plagued by clan violence, lawlessness, and corruption the citizens of Gaza has experienced more brutality by their own brethren then was inflicted by Israel. Now this is not something I came up with, nor did some Israeli sympathizer. This was the conclusion of Hamas spokesman Ghazi Hamad.

"I am not interested in discussing the ugliness and brutality of the occupation because it is not a secret. Instead, I prefer self-criticism and self evaluation," he wrote condemning the behavior of the residents.

Amazing that someone, from Hamas no less, is putting blame on the current struggles on the Palestinians. I for one am surprised by this news and I'm sure many in Israel are suffering strokes when they heard this.

In related news I just witnessed a pig fly by my cube and Scarlett Johansson has finally accepted my marriage proposal after 14,678 shoot downs.

"Our extreme joy at their departure made us forget the most important question: What is our next step?" - Ghazi Hamad

Hamas figure slams Gaza 'anarchy'

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Mattbear said...

This is really something, if it's honest. Just the name Hamas still makes suspicious of the motives behind anything that comes out of their mouths, but maybe they are seeing the light in some small way.