Aug 11, 2006

The greatest invention ever. Ever I tell you.

Men, do you often find yourself not making eye contact with women during conversations? Do you feel your lack of self control over glancing at their chests makes you less of a person? Well now you have the perfect excuse.

Artist Amanda Dumas-Hernandez has invented a television bra. Yes that's one tube for each cup, both tuned to sports. I for one hail Amanda as a genius. If this doesn't get the Nobel prize I will declare the event useless. I mean Stephen Hawking is a smart guy and all, but nothing compared to the brilliance of this.

“I thought I’d give blokes something they love: breasts and TV in one.” - Amanda Dumas-Hernandez

Now for girls with a see-cup (scroll to second story for pic).

1 comment:

Grace said...

Haha, that's one funny looking bra. But I'd by glad to wear it... only it would be hard to watch the hockey games without breaking my neck. What, is this just for guys? Geez, that's not fair.