Aug 15, 2006

Worthless, just freakin worthless.

My friend Corey is very passionate about modern music. Me not so much. Yes there are a lot of modern bands that I listen to, but most of my tastes are extremely dated. Given that we both have radically different genres we listen to an interesting conversation arose.

I asked Corey what he felt was the most worthless band ever. I was looking for quality and lack of influence as being the parameters for the answer. He thought about it for a while and then brought up Kiss as being the worst band ever.

I agree that Kiss is a horrible band; however their influence cannot be denied. Where would butt rock be without Kiss? Although the 80s music may have been a lot better off without them, you see their trademarks in a lot of the hair bands.

Corey changed his answer to Styx.

My pick is none other than the Fine Young Cannibals. I don't know who it was who decided that band should have even a short career, but that person deserves eternal torment for unleashing that crap upon the public. I believe slow torture must be induced upon them consisting of an endless loop of Roseanne's talk show and tea bagging rabid wolves.

Thankfully the FYC left the popular music scene as quickly as they came and it was easier to escape the annoying vocals of that horrific group.

"But I do believe, I mean I'm an optimist when it comes to human nature and particularly the therapeutic nature of music and the therapeutic nature of Styx music." - James Young

For your listening displeasure:


Mattbear said...

My personal vote would be for Air Supply. Those guys sucked, and I don't think they had much influence on anybody.

Scott said...

How about Mr Mr??? Broken Wings... yikes.


Adrian said...

Fine Young Cannibals and that punkass band who sang that song Little Miss both grate on my skin

2 Dollar Productions said...

As soon as you mentioned the FYC I pictured that video, and you would have to throw Winger pretty close in with Styx.

But Kiss is easily better than all 3, although that's not saying much.

Anonymous said...

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