Aug 14, 2006

You're like a big bear man.

I've never had trouble meeting women. By no means am I a handsome guy with the charm of a millionaire commodities broker, but I just happen to hang in a circle of like minded friends who usually introduce me to girls they think I would be interested in, sometimes whether I want them to or not. I've never been on the prowl you might say, well cept for high school, but that's different. Meeting random women has happened in my adult years, but it's a rare occurrence.

Some guys want desperately to be the smooth guy in the bar and will go to great lengths to be the man that has the perfect thing to say at each and every moment. I guess I can understand that. Every male wants to be charming to some degree, especially when men like myself have to compensate for their sub-par looks.

Some want to live the dream so badly that they've enrolled in a charm school. Entitled Charm School Boot Camp, men pay $1,600 do learn how to approach women and hopefully not end up with a cold shoulder or a face full or mace.

The best line from the article:

"Sam, a stocky, recent college graduate from Boston with shaved head and thick chain around his neck, said he is tired of sleeping with "drunk chicks" and wants to learn how to properly "pursue and attain" the women of his choice."

You might think the money would be better spent into buying better jewelry and and a stylist. I will say this about the education, if you spend over a thousand dollars on something called charm school you deserve no attention from the ladies.

"I would say in terms of last night's performance, I've definitely found my path to fulfillment. Last night I felt uncomfortable, but I've taken in what they've taught me. I've been myself, and it's worked." - Ben, Charm School Boot Camp graduate.

"Charm school" helps men perfect the pick-up


Scott said...

I love it... another stupid ass way to spend money. Just what we need in this world.


Anonymous said...

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