Aug 22, 2006

Must be a Monday.

Working graveyards can be difficult when you're trying to sleep through the day. Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst.

Tuesdays are landscaping days. The workers start in the early morning, about the same time I go to bed, and fire up their lawn equipment and work away while I try to get some slumber.

Mondays aren't so bad, but it is garbage and recycling day. The noisy scoops and rattling of glass and aluminum can make for a tiring sleep, but today added some noise that I wasn't expecting. I heard a loud crash followed by a bunch of commotion involving sirens and people yelling. I decided it was probably something unrelated to my little world so I tried to get back to sleep. Finally giving up on the sandman I arose out of bed and still heard some noise.

I went outside to investigate and saw this:

Yes this is a garbage truck lying on it's side. According to a witness the driver left the scoop up, which made the vehicle even more top heavy than usual, and took the corner too fast which resulted in what you see above. The scary part is it was about a foot away from the gas line.

According to one witness the driver was pulled out of the vehicle a bloody mess. Upon closer inspection of the cab he left behind quite a bit of his plasma. I hope he's okay.

A crowd ensued and my roommates and I entertained ourselves by watching the tow truck drivers carefully ease the truck back on it's wheels.

This is the start of the whole operation.

My roommates documenting the wreckage. Yeah we were bored.

I hope this tow truck driver gets paid a lot.

After what seemed like forever they finally made some progress.

Sad thing is that road is the only entrance to the town house complex which of course was blocked off. There's a gate on the side from a parking lot that's chained up which the firefighters were kind enough to break for the residents.

After three hours they finally got the truck out of there and a cleanup crew took care of the remains. Luckily the truck didn't hit anyone else nor did it break the gas line. I'd hate to think of what would've happened. Small blessings.

"I've been married to one Marxist and one Fascist, and neither one would take the garbage out." - Lee Grant

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Scott said...

Were you giving pointers on how to flip that bad boy over?