Aug 1, 2006

Here we go again.

Bosnian Muslims have finally taken notice of South Park's portrayal of Mohammed in their episode Super Best Friends. The leader of the Bosnian Islamic Council had this to say:

"The broadcast (of the cartoon) is unacceptable and we condemn it and consider it to be a kind of provocation. According to Islamic tradition, the presentation of Prophet Mohammed or any other prophet is unacceptable, even if their presentation is not sarcastic but in positive light. The cartoon was even censored in the United States and that is what the local Bosnian television station should have done as well."

He seems to be confusing the Super Best Friends episode, which originally aired years ago and still continues to air with an uncensored image of the prophet, with the more recent Cartoon Wars episodes where Comedy Central decided to censor the image of the Muslim prophet after the riots. Funny how before the Danish cartoon riots they didn't care about parodying the "praised one", but afterwards they take a firm stand on being culturally sensitive. Of course they have no problem with continuing to mock Jesus.

Yes we may have another riot on our hands from people who can't handle having their faith mocked and may resort to extreme violence. Some would argue that because we have free speech doesn't mean we should say certain thing that may incite anger towards us.

I firmly disagree. Religion can and should be mocked. I deal with the mocking of my faith and some of my politics constantly and I accept it even if I don't like it. Why? Cause I'm a civilized person and I realize that religion is viewed largely as an ideology just like politics. Both should be targets for criticisms if only because it can bring about enlightened discussion of them. I'd rather have my faith being ridiculed constantly than to have people be too frightened to speak out.

Living in fear of saying anything that may seem offensive is hardly free expression.

Oh and why does everyone harp on Mel Gibson, which admittedly he deserves it, when the Rev Al Sharpton has made numerous anti-semitic statements? I mean Mel gets on the front page of every newspaper for his drunken antics, but Al gets the honor of speaking at the Democratic National Convention, an invitation to the White House, and the respect of millions. What's worse is Al made his comments sober.

Listed below is a clip of the episode, which I guess means I'm inciting rioters.

"This week, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi told his followers, via the Internet, that Islam is not compatible with democracy." - Linda Chavez


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