Aug 4, 2006

Yeah all the prayer is nice, but would you at least buy dinner first?

Congressman Ralph Hall (R) recently held a fundraiser that was attended by none other than House Speaker Dennis Hastert. In what seems to be a succesful night filled with the filthy rich throwing huge amounts of dough to protect their interests in less government regulations of off shore accounts, Mr Hall had this to say about our President:

"But we have a good president. I pray for him. Sometimes I'd like to pull down his britches and switch him, but I still love him."

Is there a market for political homo-erotica?

I'm not sure what removing people's clothing and switching jobs have to do with each other. Maybe if I really want a promotion I have to start pulling people's pants down. It seems only logical. My many attempts at getting a raise involved me rushing into my boss's office and doing a sexy dance to Abba songs. He actually gave me a pay cut the bastard.

“You can't leave politics out of anything that emanates from Washington, D.C." - Ralph Hall

Hastert makes N. Texas pitch for Rockwall rep


Mattbear said... I just confused again? "Switching" someone refers to spanking them, more or less, with a "switch" - a thin branch. Did I mistake a joke for not understanding? If so, I apologize. It's late.

Wiwille said...

Never even thought of that. Maybe I should just quit this blogging thing and cry myself to sleep. Too bad I'm at work.