Aug 10, 2006

Well at least there's no double standard anymore.

Yes ladies, and gay men, you now have your own little guilty pleasure. For years late night television viewers have seen infomercials for "Girls Gone Wild", a compilation of footage of college age women at spring break or Mardi Gras constantly showing their breasts for cameras much to the amusement of horny men with credit cards.

Now the tables have been turned apparently. About a week ago I was watching TV and saw an ad for "Guys Gone Wild". Same premise, different genitalia.

It's never really a good idea to get naked on camera as the notorious attention whore Paris Hilton once taught us. Men are usually much more inhibited about showing their manhood than women exposing the chests. I couldn't help to think how they get them to do it.

Enter Misty Nicole, pictured above, who is the producer of the penis laden footage. Her job is to approach cute guys who have no interest in running for politics and convince them that whipping out their wieners on camera is a good idea. Being as hot as she is it doesn't seem take a lot of coaxing on her part.

That's the thing about men. Give us enough drinks and a pretty girl can ask us to run in the freeway with our pants around our ankles to look for pennies she dropped and men will gladly line up do it. We're kind of stupid that way.

For some reason I don't think this will be a big seller with women. It may with the gay community; however I think a lot of sales will be gag gifts given to the one friend in the circle who's the butt of all jokes.

"It's like 'Jackass' but with naked frat boys. I would find the craziest group of guys, take my camera and start to film them." - Misty Nicole

Now guys also go wild for cameras

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rawbean said...

It's true, the ladies will not run in the freeway for just a pretty face. In fact, a really good looking guy who seems like an ass quickly becomes unattractive.