Aug 8, 2006

Yeah because the name of the product is what entices you.

Thai government has put a ban on a condom called "Good Penetration" fearing it might lead youngsters to have more sex. Ladda Tangsupachai of the Cultural Watch Centre said this about the product:

"It could entice excessive consumption and lure children and youths with little maturity to start having sexual activities before their appropriate age."

I don't think a brand name of a condom could entice me to have sex more. I mean really if I saw one that said "Mammoth Stud Glove" I wouldn't rush out to bang someone. Then again I was a pretty strange teenager.

Seriously have adults become so out of touch that they honestly think that the act of sex is not stimuli enough for teens to get it on? Do they believe virgins see it on a shelf in a grocery store and think 'you know I wasn't going to engage in intercourse, but seeing that this condom guarantees it'll be good, why not?' I guess so.

No word on the 'Good Vibrations' vibrator. Sorry...lame joke.

"Good Penetration" condoms too racy for Thailand

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