Oct 20, 2005

Ahh youthful ignorance being true bliss.

I've been to places that use exotic "dancers" as entertainment. Ok they're strip clubs. Two teens decided to go to one for the first time which lead to the following story:

Two kids went into the place and ordered lap dances. They were not aware that once a song ends they have to pay for another one. The strippers in true form decided to not to inform the guys of the bill they were racking up until the club closed. They girls just asked them if they wanted another and being young horny males they obviously said yes. They received 82 lap dances. Eighty friggin two!!!

At the end of the night the boys found themselves with a $2,460 bill. Needless to say the owner and strippers were not happy to be told they couldn't pay it. The police were called and the boys were hauled off to jail.

Can you imagine what the conversations in jail was like for them?

Prisoner - "What are you in here for?"

Teen - "I got a bunch of lap dances and didn't pay."

Prisoner - "You are now the god of prison block B2. We have decided not to give you dry anal."

A court has decided to drop the charges stating that the teens were never informed of the trade agreement between their erection and a girl rubbing it and no criminal intent was shown. They got 41 lap dances each for free!!! Man they must've been sore.

I swear this is a story for the grandchildren.

Now I've had a few lapdances in a row, but 41? I hope they took a break before...uhh...I'm getting a little crude here.

"We did not find any criminal intent on the part of the two young men, but that was a lot of lap dances." - Betty Hanes, a paralegal in the DA's office who was involved in the decision to drop the charges.

Strip club flub

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