Oct 30, 2005

Hate, Hess, and preteen girl singers?

Growing up in the sheltered Northwest I haven't encountered much racism. Sure I've heard the vile jokes and asinine banter; however I've never witnessed a cross burning, seen a neo Nazi in person, at least that I'm aware of. I've never had a minority friend get attacked because of race. I've seen a few things though that have disturbed me even in my simpleton upbringing.

I once was out taking photos back in high school. I came across a telephone booth with a drawing of a monkey with "No Niggers" written on it. I've taken many photographs in my day, but this one still burns within me. My hometown didn't have many black people. In fact I don't remember seeing one until I was like 14. For some reason some jackass thought it would be a great idea to draw that on a phone booth in some vain attempt to keep their least favorite minority from buying real estate in the area. I hope their daughter marries a black man.

I used to work at a photography studio back in high school. As part of my tasks I put together the packages for all the high school dances. When the prints came back I bundled them up and delivered them to the schools. One time one of the receptionists was helping me and she saw a picture of a black guy with a blonde blue eyed girl. She looked at me and asked "are there many of those at your school?" I said no cause I think he's the only black guy there. She looked at the pic again and gave a repulsed look.

I knew the guy. Not well, but whenever I encountered him he was pretty cool to me. It was then I felt sorry for him mainly cause I can't imagine people hating me for simply not being born white.

Then again I've had minorities call me names like cracker and shit. I almost got my ass beat in a club once. Me and my friend were the only white people in there. One guy was making fun of my buddy calling him and his wife names like two tone and stuff. Oh his wife's black.

I step in to try and calm the situation. Anytime I've ever tried to do that things always end up going completely awry. We ended up making it out of the club unharmed, but with some bruised egos. We were called everything in the book, stuff that would normally send my fists flying, but following some sound advice I said nothing. She dragged me by the back of the shirt out of the club.

My friend's wife later berated me for even talking back to them claiming they would've have literally killed me. Why she took us there I don't know.

As I tell this story to people most of them call me an idiot, which is true. I find the whole encounter really sad though. I and many others simply can't go into a place of business without threat of harm? Is this really the country that we want?

Nothing bothers me more then white supremacist. Extremists of all ideologies do, but the skinheads are so devious. There latest recruiting tool disturbs me to no end. Apparently there is a preteen singing group that creates songs about white power and praises people like Rudolph Hess. Of course these girls are wholeheartedly endorsed by the European Americans Council headed by none other then David Duke.

These blonde blue eyed girls seem innocent in an Olsen twins kind of fashion, pre-coke addict look of course. At first glance you'd think this is something you'd want your children to look at or hear. Then the lyrics come and make your head swirl. When hearing racism come from an adult you pass it off as ignorance. When it comes from what seems like sweet little girls it almost throws me into an epileptic fit.

I've never been one to advocate censorship even when it comes to hate speech. Things like this; however, make me question my stance if only for a brief second.

"A lot of white Americans are in denial of what they've been raised to think about black people. And black people are still suffering the effects of slavery and institutionalized racism. So we have a whole country full of dysfunctional people. One set of group in total denial, and everyone else... It's totally schizophrenic." - John Singleton

ABC News report on the band

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