Oct 24, 2005

Scott McClellan may go nuts.

I've been following Scott McClellan since Fleischer stepped down as Press Secretary and I've enjoyed every minute of it. At first we saw him as somewhat youthful and energetic about his new role as marriage counselor between press and politics. As the months wore on he seems tired, defensive, and I do foresee his inevitable snap.

I can't wait for it to happen. The NY Times press bureau will ask him another question about the Plame incident and Scott will whip out a medieval sword and jump up on the podium and scream:

"I've had it you fuckers. All day long I hear 'Plame this, Iraq that, administration is lacking' bullshit. Every single day you bloodsuckers try to use condescending language such as 'find it troubling' or 'do you think the administration's mistake' and it drives me batshit. All you want to say is 'we hate the fucking President, you, your family, and America and we'll make you look like a horses ass every chance we can get.'

For this I hate you. I have decided to engage in mortal combat with each and every one of you pig fuckers. You're save the world commie crap has caused me two ulcers and a week long bout with hemorrhoids. My children get made fun of in school and I'm starting to look like the Iraqi information minister. After this my only gig will be press agent for Erik Estrada. I hate you, hate you, hate you, bwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh."

I do actually kind of feel sorry for the guy. Seriously wouldn't you go sort of nuts having to defend a presidency such as the current one? It would cause me to commit crimes against humanity, or at least crimes against street mimes and cell phone salesmen.

"I do expect that the President will say something at the beginning of his remarks today, at the conversation." - Scott McClellan

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