Oct 12, 2005

Laura Bush pulls a Jesse Jackson.

Our village idiot turned commander in chief's wife spoke out to critics about the nomination of an inexperienced lottery commissioner to the highest court of the land. She believes that sexism plays a part of a lot of conservatives that are wary of her credentials.

Sexism. Right. They don't like her because she's woman. Put aside the fact that she's never been a judge, nor has much if any legal experience. They're just a bunch of cigar chomping, wife swapping, atheists who can't stand to have a woman on the bench.

Oh and never mind that they also confirmed Ginsberg who was appointed by Clinton. No Mrs. Bush they hate the fact that she has a vagina and we all know that conservatives secretly fear menstruation. I remember hearing about the 1934 Michigan Republican Party convention where a former suffrage marcher exposed herself by lifting her dress to her knees. Various GOPers stabbed out their eyes and the rest ran away screaming. The local newspaper reported one innocent bystander as saying "Yep. Saw the whole thing. Shameless hussy lifter her britches and almost showed her nether regions. If she lifted them there skirt thingy any higher I plum believe that many would've been hurt. You know those things drink cows blood."

"That's possible, I think that's possible." - Laura Bush when asked if the critics motives are chauvinistic.

Laura Bush Echoes Sexism Charge in Miers Debate

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