Oct 14, 2005

Camel 'Toads'.

Often times I find myself clueless on current pop culture items.

Example: I used to work at a photo lab years ago. A coworker came into the lab bursting with excitement. I asked her what she found that was so thrilling and she told me that Brandi and Mace were now dating. The rest of the crew actually joined in her little bubbly tone. I was however confused.

"Who are they?" I asked. "Do they work here?" I thought I knew everyone that worked at that store and the name Mace seemed a little too obscure to miss.

Jaws dropped and fingers pointed at me. Laughter then ensued. Everyone thought I was hilarious for having said that.

After the hysterics calmed down they informed me that Brandi and Mace were R&B singers and were very popular at the time. I told them I wasn't a fan of that and they all gasped. One even stared at me and asked "What do you listen to then?" It's was like she truly believed R&B was the only genre available.

I would like to think that I do have some knowledge of slang though. I'm no linguistics expert, but I can decipher it reasonably well. If I ever become a parent I do hope that I have better luck with it then this gal. She wrote into a newspaper column because she is concerned about a correspondence her godson wrote stating that he was looking forward to finding 'camel toads' at the local pool. The writer assumed it was a cheap high the kid was looking for, like toad licking.

Anyways the article is too damn funny not to share.

"Pop is actually my least favorite kind of music, because it lacks real depth." - Christina Aguilera

Scouting for 'camel toads' at pool.

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