Oct 21, 2005

Bill O'Reilly might retire, claims he's a warrior.

Uninformed loud mouth and crusader for senseless boycotts Bill O'Reilly has thrown the idea of retiring out there. He told Katie Couric in a Today Show interview that his body, much like any "athlete", can't take the constant criticism nor the strain of being all amped on unimportant issues.

The idea of O'Reilly retiring really doesn't matter to me since I don't care for his show at all, but it may do the public some good to no longer have him around. I used to enjoy The Factor, but now watching it makes me want to stab myself in the groin. He's gotten so arrogant that reason seems to be a foreign concept to him. Whether it be boycotting french goods or railing about whether Michael Jackson is a good dad he lost all credibility with me.

O'Reilly brings in huge ratings for Fox and this retirement announcement may be a scam in hopes they offer him a better contract. Still my hopes are high that he's no longer with us.

"Finally, the ACLU - we talked about this yesterday and I - and, you know, I have to pick on the ACLU because they're the most dangerous organization in the United States of America right now. There's by far. There's nobody even close to that. They're, like, second next to Al Queda." - Bill O'Reilly

Video of O'Reilly and Couric

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