Oct 11, 2005

Shout at the Devil

Another day another crazy dream. This one is a long one so buckle up.

It started out with me staying at the Salish Lodge. A construction worker busted into my room and ordered me out because they were swapping the Lodge with the Space Needle. I walk out of the place to see the Space Needle on a giant truck outside. I turned around and the Salish Lodge was being hoisted by helicopters. I assumed it was going out to the Seattle Center.

A crazy girl I used to date then appeared and started laughing at me hysterically. I got into my car and drove off.

I was in my car and Nikki Six and Vince Neil of Motley Crue fame suddenly appeared in the vehicle. They said I had to go to a party in Boise Idaho because some friends there demanded my presence.

Bam I was suddenly in Boise. I drove to a house while Vince and Nikki started rocking out to 'Wild Side'. Upon entering the party I saw almost everyone I know. I walked outside with CS and he was ranting and raving about how cool it was that he is hanging with the Crue. Vince Neil then threw a girl through a sliding glass door and started beating her. I started to run at him and he pointed at me and yelled "DOGGGGSSSSS". Out of nowhere a bunch of huskies showed up and started attacking me. Everyone just stood around and watched while I was fighting off these rabid beasts.

Dream ended.

Now this dream could mean many things. Vince Neil could be the antichrist and holds Damien like powers. Huskies could represent my neighbors who love everything UW. Maybe the crazy girl was...uhh...I'm not even going to go there.

"When I was a little kid, I took tap and ballet. I've always loved to dance. I'm a rhythm machine." - Tommy Lee

Update: Dream Dictionary has the following interpretations:

Dogs: On the metaphysical level, dogs are consider to be the guardians of the underworld. Finally, dogs could represent the more basic or "animal" parts of our nature and some think that they specifically represent male energy.

Celebrity (there was no definition for butt rock bands): Sometimes dreaming about a famous a celebrity may be a wish-fulfilling dream, or it could hold important messages about ourselves.

Hotel: All dwelling places generally represent the dreamer's psychological, emotional, or spiritual condition. The dream may reflect a current reality, issue, or dilemma and attempt to bring the dreamer into greater self-awareness. As a dream symbol it could reflect a need for rest and reflection. Depending on the details of the dream, specific information can be ascertained. For example, if the hotel is luxurious it suggests prosperity and positive decision-making.

They didn't have an explanation for crazy people I used to date.

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