Oct 16, 2005

Election of suckage.

I've read many articles speculating on the presidential race in 2008. A lot of them are prophesizing that we'll have the first woman president and that will be no doubt Hillary Clinton.

A few articles are even going so far as to say the next race will be Hillary vs Condoleeza Rice. If Bush winning 2004 didn't want to make you bolt for Canadian citizenship this surely will.

I have no problems with having a female president; however I will not vote for one just because she's a female. When I'm at the polls I don't think about the sake of being a progressive, but I can see many people voting for a woman, platform be damned. I hope when people vote they would think of issues such as foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, possible cabinet picks, etc. I'm not completely naive though.

Considering I believe both candidates to be underqualified and the thought of them being leader of the free world makes me want to completely lose faith in the American political process I might just have to...well...do nothing. I'll just cast my vote, probably 3rd party, and cry myself to sleep come November 2008.

"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle." - Hillary Clinton

Mrs President

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